Training Academy

The Group has positioned itself as a leading role player, in its area of operations as an accredited SASSETA & PSIRA training service provider – accreditation numbers: SASSETA: 151999692404, PSIRA: 1256356

Learnerships are therefore undertaken, thereby combining theoretical training with on the job practical experience. Refresher training for all staff is conducted every six months.


  • Induction Training – All Security Officers attend induction training before being placed on-site.
  • Refresher training – Assessment and evaluation of Security Officers on-site. (Ongoing )
  • Management Training –Time Management and Client satisfaction.
  • Skills Programme 1, 2, 3, 4 – In Replacement of Security Management and PSIRA Graded A, B, C, D training.
  • National Certificate – General Security Practice (NQF 3) with a total of 28 Unit Standards which is done over a 1 year period, with practical’s and theory involved, to complete a Portfolio of Evidence which is monitored by SASSETA Official.

Health and Safety Training:

  • Basic Fire fighting (12484)
  • Basic First Aid treatment (116534)
  • Evacuation and Emergency Drills (242825)
  • Access and Egress Control (244189)
  • Apply Knowledge of HIV/AIDS to a specific Business
  • Housekeeping Awareness

Training in this field is of paramount importance of the SHE act. We undertake to do training and Health and Safety Assessments, as per the requirements and Site Specifics.