The Rendering of Effective but Yet Affordable Guarding Services are Based on the Following:

Risk Assessments

The management of Sirius Risk Management  undertakes detailed evaluations of the risk environment within which its clients operate and provide recommendations on how to reduce risk to assets and its personnel and contain costs thereof. Its approach is holistic and will encompass all resources available with regard to technology, manpower and procedures.


In-house Training consisting of:

  • Management training.
  • Pre induction training prior to deployment.
  • Ongoing on-site training.
  • External Accredited Training.
  • Employment policy of the Group provides for financial support to all the members of the company to further their studies at recognized colleges and universities.

Site and Personnel Management

We believe that in order to provide an effective and efficient service, we need to know at all times that our personnel are working towards achieving the Group’s goals. This is achieved by way:

  • Full and ongoing site evaluation, incorporating effective emergency procedure.
  • Weekly management visits.
  • Senior management visits within the hour upon incidences occurring.
  • Security control documentation and security electronic systems.
  • Applying the latest “State of the Art” electronic security monitoring systems.


Services in terms of the following can be provided i.e:


  • Event Security (Sporting/Festivals)
  • Industrial action/Strikes for any specific requirements contact us at:
  • Email:
  • Tel: 011 781 4356