The Sirius Risk Management Training Academy

The Group has positioned itself as a leading role player, in its area of operations as an accredited SASSETA training service provider – accreditation number: 151999692404 . Learnerships are therefore undertaken, thereby combining theoretical training with on the job practical experience. Refresher training for all staff is conducted every six months.


  • Induction Training – All Security Officers attend induction training before being placed on-site.
  • Refresher training – Assessment and evaluation of Security Officers on-site. (Ongoing )
  • Management Training –Time Management and Client satisfaction.
  • Skills Programme 1, 2, 3, 4 – In Replacement of Security Management and PSIRA Graded A, B, C, D training.
  • National Certificate – General Security Practice (NQF 3) with a total of 28 Unit Standards which is done over a 1 year period, with practical’s and theory involved, to complete a Portfolio of Evidence which is monitored by SASSETA Official.